Unscented  Soap

Unscented Soap

For very sensitive skin, we offer an unscented soap bar that is made only with pure coconut, olive, and castor oils to moisturize and care for your skin.



Because we want to continue giving the best of our products, please PRE ORDER your Unscented Honey Soap. You will experience the most natural, fresh and amazing honey soap you ever try!


Minimum Qty: 6 bars soaps

Weight : 110 gr aprox each Bar Soap

Production Time: 1 week

Delivery Time : 2 Weeks after you place your order.


Note: Each bar soap needs 4 to 6 weeks to cure.

You will received your soap order with the instruccions to complete the curing time at your home. (approx 2 more weeks curing at your home).


Our Soaps are hand crafted in USA.